August 7, 2010

Joining phpUnderControl development team

I have been using phpUnderControl for over 2 years now. In fact I still remember the first time I set it up at work. Big times. Now we’ve got nearly hundred (if not over hundred) modules set up which build regularly on a daily basis. To improve the overall experience I’ve enhanced some things and submitted it back to the project, but only when project was migrated from SVN to git it really became easy to contribute.

I have been contributing to phpUnderControl quite regularly recently, and when I received a message from Manuel Pichler telling me that I now have write access to project repository and I am part of core development team I couldn’t hide my excitement. That will only mean I can contribute more and often. Hopefully only with benefits to the project.

For now, I can’t wait for the next stable release with its all new features. It’s nearly there! So stay tuned!

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