December 11, 2009

Wind of changes

I definitely have to plan my actions more carefully. Trying to do too many things at the same doesn’t seem to work. I need a plan. Like 10 years plan. Hmm, maybe not 10 years, communists tried that once (or two) and it didn’t work for them very well. So maybe next year plan? In fact, new year comes, so it’s a quite good opportunity to sort things out. My Missus is out, kids in beds, nice and quite. Let’s think then what I could do next year.

1. Focus

I have to focus on one thing, get it done and move on. There is a few things a need to improve and some priorities needs to be assigned.

2. Separation

My professional life needs separating from the personal one. And it’s clear here – The Family takes priority. The rest comes after.

3. Arrangement

  • Make small steps – but regularly.
  • Make notes – often.
  • Speak to people – always.
  • Constantly improve – learn your lesson.

Quite generic, but sums things up.

Ready… steady… go!

I have refreshed the blog then. Found new theme, more toned! I started to use it wrong, these few random post fits more for a wiki then a blog. Will stop that.

Next, finish what you have started. I will focus on the current task and get it finished by end of next week. This deadline sounds reasonable. Next update – Monday evening then. Remember! Small steps, but regularly.

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